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How to play the Sic Bo game online – W88 Live Casino

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Feeling overwhelmed with W88 Sic Bo? No worries, how to play sic bo casino game is easy & simple! Know more about the basic dynamics of the game by reading on!

W88 Sic Bo online casino

We get this issue a lot. Since the Sic Bo game is a dice kind, it looks complicated at first sight. But you know, Sic Bo online casino is actually a fun, easy casino game—especially in W88 Live Casino!

Perfect for beginners or for anyone who wants to learn everything—sic bo how to play, sic bo game table, sic bo online casino bets—about W88 Sic Bo, the W88 India team created content that would make you understand this classic Sic Bo game more!

3 steps how to play Sic Bo W88

Easy as 1-2-3, playing W88 Sic Bo game could be fine, fine, fine like its three dices. Follow these steps to know how to play Sic Bo casino game at W88!

Step 1: Go to W88 for Live Casino

The first step in W88 Sic Bo online casino? Of course, players must go to the W88 website which is first. When you arrive on the website, head straight to the Live Casino menu to access the Sic Bo game.

Step 2: Choose W88 W Gold for W88 Sic Bo

In the Live Casino menu, you would see different W88 Clubs you could choose from. W88 Sic Bo online casino—featuring the live Asian dealers—can usually be played with W88 Club W Gold, so that is what you need to click.

Step 3: Game On W88 Sic Bo

Upon clicking the W88 Club W Gold for Sic Bo online casino, you must be redirected to the gaming dashboard. And there, there! You can start playing W88 Sic Bo game then, woohoo!

General rules of W88 Sic Bo

Getting a bit more and more curious about how to play sic bo casino game? Chill, bro! We got these instructions for you! How to play sic bo casino game is just as simple and easy as the other casino games and you just need to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Keep scrolling to know the basics of sic bo how to play!

W88 Sic Bo’s Main Objectives

To win at W88 Sic Bo online casino, you only need to predict the correct combinations of the three dices dealt with by the dealer. Yes, just that! Easy peasy, right!

How to Play Sic Bo in W88 Casino

The W88 Sic Bo game starts by asking the players for their bets. There are lots of betting in W88 Sic Bo online casino and we would tackle them in the next sections, so tune in!

After the placing of bets on the Sic bo online casino, the dealer would then start its W88 Sic Bo device where the dices are shaken inside a clear container.

The result of the sic bo game would be determined based on the numbers of the three dices after the shaking happens. Meaning, the total number of those dices wins the round.

See? Sic bo how to play is indeed easy, right!

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W88 Sic Bo Game Table and Number Clusters

The gameplay for W88 Sic Bo seems easy, but its table and number clusters create intimidating impressions. Do not let this intimidation get over you though! The dynamics would be revealed in this article anyway.

So the W88 Sic Bo comprises a big table in the gaming dashboard. There are small bets, big bets, odd bets, even bets, even number clusters, and dice-illustrated combos.

It might look complicated, but these are actually signs that players have high chances of winning because there are lots of possibilities on how you can win! So sic bo how to play? Scroll a bit more…

Betting in W88 Sic Bo Online Casino

Those things you see in the W88 Sic Bo Table actually refers to the betting. Yes, W88 Sic Bo online casino has lots of betting choices—small and big bets, odd and even bets, single number bets, and combination bets—giving you bigger probabilities on the jackpot!

Sic Bo how to play is simple. The Small bets in W88 Sic Bo game refer to the number cluster from 4 to 10. As for the Big bets, it refers to the number cluster 11 to 17.

To learn sic bo how to play more, know that the Odd bets, on the other hand, refer to the three-dice combination belonging to the odd group of numbers like 1, 3, 5, and so on.

As for the Even bets, its counterpart, where the three-dice combo belongs to the even number group like 2, 4, 5, and so forth.

Aside from these bets, kindly do know that you can also place single bets in W88 Sic Bo! These are the numbers below the table—the one with One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.

Now that you know sic bo game betting, you must know see the importance of placing your bets and what to bet. Sic bo casino game is truly full of conditions but really a fun game.

To win in Single bets, on the other hand, you must come up with the number you selected in one out of three dices. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

As important as the other bets: the specific number combination bets that must consist of two of the three dices. To understand Sic Bo online casino betting better, here is a W88 Sic Bo game bet table:

Sic Bo BetsDice Values
Small bets4 to 10 values
Big bets11 to 17 values
Two-Dice Combination betsThe total value of two of the three dice
Single-Number betsValue of one out of the three dice
Double betsTwo dice with your two selected numbers
Tripleb betsTwo dice with your three selected numbers
Any Triple betsThree dice with the three, same number value
Specific Total betsPredict the total value of the three dice

To get your gaming sic bo online casino faces fiercer than ever, here is also a table regarding the W88 Sic Bo payout!

Since you know the sic bo how to play and betting already, you deserve to know these details, too!

Sic Bo BetsPayout
Small bets1:1
Big bets1:1
Odd bets1:1
Even bets1:1
Double bets8:1
Triple bets150:1
4 & 1750:1
5 & 1618:1
6 & 1514:1
7 & 1412:1
8 & 138:1
9, 10, 11, 126:1
Dice Combination bets5:1

Preview about W88 Sic Bo – How to play Sic Bo casino game
Let’s say the rolled number in W88 Sic Bo is 13.

If you would apply those things said above on how to play sic bo casino game, you must know that…

Therefore, those who bet on number 13 wins! As well as the Odd number bets, since this is an odd number. Also, those who place bets on Big bets since 13 belongs to that group. Just easy, right!

W88 Sic Bo – Sic Bo game is a fun game, bro!

Told you, bro! W88‘s Sic Bo is such an entertaining casino game, right? You may just be a beginner now, but you have so much potential! All you need to do: remember the sic bo game’s basic dynamics! Practice your sic bo online casino gaming at W88 and for sure, you would be a pro in no time!

You know how to play sic bo casino game, so go and bet at W88 now!

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