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Real Casino Slot Machines Versus Free Online Casino Slots

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You might probably be thinking about the difference between real casino slot machines and free online casino slots… No worries, W88 got the answers for you!

Getting To Know Real Casino Slot Machines and Free Online Casino Slots

If you would compare and contrast the real casino slot machines versus the online ones, you would totally see its similarities and differences.

Know more about the real casino slot machines by reading this list! Choose whether you want the real casino slot machines or you prefer free online casino slots, so keep scrolling!

Compare and contrast of real casino slot machines and free online casino slots

Indeed, there are differences and similarities between the traditional and online slots. The new, modern, digital-technology wised slots are based on the traditional, real casino slot machines, but with a few twists.

Who came first? Real casino slot machines or free online casino slots?

Even before these online casinos came, there were real, physical, and traditional casinos first. So yes, when it comes to its origin and history, it is the real casino slot machines that arrived first!

Real casino slot machines can be traced to the 1890s. From coin-operated machines to fruit-imaged machines, it has evolved with lots of variants as the time goes by. Thus, the birth of online casino slots.

Slot Gaming Objectives

When it comes to gaming objectives, both real casino slot machines and free online casino slots share the same goals. All you need to do is score the needed winning combinations on the payline to win! However, due to changes and progresses, winning combos also evolved through time.

Online video slots are said to have higher chances of winning combinations because of its higher number reels and paylines. To know more about these, keep on reading!

Slot Reels and Paylines

And now that you know that it has the same gaming objectives, you must know the elements within it. Like the reels and its paylines!

In the traditional, real casino slot machines, they only use three reels. And usually, such traditional slots only have one, three, or five paylines.

During the 90s, multi-line slot machines became popularized. So, it provides more than one payline aside from the main aligned horizontal winning combination. And due to this innovation, video or online slots arrived!

Much wider opportunities on winning against the traditional and real casino slot machines, these video or online slot machines like W88 have 9, 15, 25, and as many as 1024 paylines! Offering lots of different play lines, you would totally enjoy winning here!

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Having said these reels and paylines… Yes, the more the paylines, there are more winning combinations you could score! More so if you bet a higher amount, the higher payout you would get, of course!

How to Play Slots

How to play slots depend on what slot machine you are using. Before, players needed to insert a nickel or a coin to operate slot machines. Then, they would pull the lever to spin.

But with the actual, modernized, but still physical and real casino slot machines nowadays, these involve touchscreens and buttons (not lever anymore) already.

Almost the same with the new innovated slot machines, paid online slots or free online casino slots could be played via touchscreen. You just need your desktop or cellphone, plus a slot gaming website like W88 to play!

Gaming Themes in Slots

Themes differ on both real casino slot machines and free online casino slots. As mentioned, before via old but gold real casino slot machines, it only involves a few symbols like card suits, fruits, bells, and the like. It is much more of plain images compared to the moving graphics in the present day.

Because now, through free online casino slots like W88, slot gamers and players can game on lots of different themes at hand! There are adventures, fantasy, travel, mystery, even licensed media franchises like the Pink Panther and more!

Most W88 slot games have themes. Depending on your aesthetic and character, you could freely browse the free online casino slots you would want to play here!

Powered by the biggest gaming operators like Microgaming, Play’n Go, QTech, PlayTech, iSoftBet, Gaming Interactive, (and more!) players really do have fun playing slot games online here at W88!

Money Involved

Know that playing with real money is involved in the traditional slots. There are free spins, woohoo! But you must out your money without a trial to play.

Unlike the actual and real casino slot machines, free online slot machines give you a chance to practice. Like W88, it does not involve money if you do not really want.

If you want to just play for leisure, go! Free online casino slots are available at W88! However, if you want to play for real online, you could also go to W88!

So the only point here is that, via online video slots, you could think of your strategies when it comes to betting. Since you could practice, familiarization is easier. Thus, could help you win better!

Instead of wagering and letting out your money without even knowing if you could win, free online casino slots are truly a blessing for all players alike! It is not just free spins you could avail, but also the free game trial! Amazing, right!

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